Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chemo, Part 2: The Re-poisoning

When we last left our heroine, she was giddily enjoying a sunny day on her chemo vacation, happy to be feeling just fine physically as her surgery has healed nicely. Alas, she knew all too well what dark days lay just over the horizon (cue scary music) - someone was planning to poison her!!! She fled to Crane Beach in Ipswitch, she ate dinner with friends, she attended childrens' parties, she had a massage, she even rode roller coasters and water slides, but nothing could shake the looming appointment with the dreaded Chemo Nurse, who roams hospital corridors in full body protective gear, brandishing bags of Adriamycin and Cytoxin, determined to find the woman with short red hair and send these poisons into her bloodstream. WILL Martha submit to Chemo Nurse's ministrations? WILL they team up to vanquish Chucky for all eternity? HOW will Martha look as a finally bald person? Stay tuned as our story unfolds...

Do you like my entry for worst first paragraph for a novel? What are those awards called?

Anyhoo, chemo starts back up again tomorrow. Now I'm doing the regular course of breast cancer treatment, Adriamycin and Cytoxin, plus Avastin again which is one of my trial drugs. It really sucks to be feeling just fine right now, but knowing the misery that awaits me for the next six months. I just have to remember that I was able to finally feel like my old self again about a month after chemo finished the first time, and trust that I will again in the future as well.

Meanwhile, bad news #1 is that our adored live-in babysitter Rachel has gone home to Montana so we are without as much help for the summer. On the upside, we have just made arrangements for an Austrian au pair to join us in September as the school year begins. And bad news #2 is that our TV has just died, so we're scrambling to get another one by Thursday, before Colin has to go on a 2-day business trip, because TV is about all I'll have the energy for in the post-chemo days.

That's it for now. I'll post how I'm feeling after treatment within a few days.


Elaine said...

In case you don't get a new TV in time: you can just watch the first three seasons of "The Office" on your computer through Netflix "watch it now" option. Gee, do I sound like an ad? I love Netflix watch it now. Since we have an infant who doesn't sleep through the night, netflix sitcoms are about all the media entertainment we ever get time for. Our situation doesn't compare to chemo exhaustion , I'm sure -- but it's taught me to see my computer as a tv.

Alternately, just cross the street to my mom's house. She has a tv. She doesn't watch it much. She'd probably even loan it to you.

Good luck with the chemo. And the new sitter, and the month-without-a-sitter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!
Since I get your posts as an e-mail, I have not looked at your Blogg for a long time.But, I got some pictures from Annes visit to Boston today and I have to say, your new haircut really suits you. You look 10-15 years younger!!!!! So soft and nice around your cute face, insead of just pulled back in a ponytail.
Take care and you know we are thinking about you on this side of the Atlantic!