Thursday, January 15, 2009

Treatment is Finished!

Yesterday I had my 30th and FINAL radiation session. I am DONE with all my cancer treatment! The marathon is over and it only took 10 months to complete (ha ha). I am so, so happy.

Of course, there are still next steps. I’ve got several doctors’ appointments in the next months to check up on me. And I need to recover from the whole ordeal. I am still very fatigued, but try to nap as much as possible (hurray for the fabulous au pair who is still with us). I have a radiation burn that I need to apply cream to on a regular basis – for the next year! I should only be red for a few more weeks though, with some peeling like a sunburn. And then, once I have my energy back (at least 6 weeks says my doc), it’s back to work and life as normal-before-cancer. I can hardly remember those days but am looking forward to it too.

My hair keeps growing in the wrong color. Definitely light brown, I can no longer pretend it’s an indiscriminate color. Let’s have a moment of silence for the fallen tresses. On the plus side, my eyebrows are back and I can go out and about looking like a semi-normal person who just has really short hair. I call it the GI Jane or the Militant Lesbian hairstyle.

As I’ve said before and continue to mean it, thanks everyone for your support during this long journey. It’s good to be on the other side of this huge milestone with you. Sometime soon we’ll have a big party to celebrate.