Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2nd Surgery

Second lumpectomy was completed today, and again we need to wait about a week to find out if we got clean margins this time. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed! Using my port was once again a drama. I absolutely insisted that they use it, though the anesthesiologists suggested several times that it would be easier to just run a new IV in my arm. Yeah, for them, maybe. The nurse in the surgical unit who was supposedly experienced with ports tried to poke the needle into it about 4-5 times, but couldn't get it to work. This was with 1 other nurse and 4 anesthesiologists observing so they could learn how to do it. I don't mind the observers (all of whom had a good feel up of the port as well), because I know that's the only way they can learn, but I felt like a sideshow attraction. Eventually they called my regular nurse in the infusion unit (where I get my chemo), where they do these things all day long, and she agreed to send someone over to help. The audience reconvenend and she got the job done in one try with a lot less painful poking, to many oohs and aahs of appreciation. Hooray for oncology nurses! All my advocating for myself paid off, and hopefully for future port patients as well. The infusion nurse offered to give a port education talk at a future surgical nurses' meeting, and also said she could arrange for the surgical nurses who were interested to spend a day in infusion getting more port practice. I'm feeling good that I didn't back down and let them give me an IV this time.

Not much to report on the actual surgery as I was asleep. I assume something happened because I woke up bandaged and sore.

Assuming I get a good result from this surgery, we're now planning to resume chemo on July 14th. Any ideas for how to celebrate Bastille Day in the hospital?

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